Request for Mediation

Before submitting this request for mediation, be sure you:

  1. Make a good-faith effort to settle with the other party.
  2. Send a copy of any contracts and other related documents important to this matter to
  3. Read our online brochure "Mediation: Assistance in Negotiating Disputes," understand the mediation process, and agree to the rules that apply to mediation.


Other Party

Rental and Parking Accommodations
Term (Length) of Contract
Late Fees
Security Deposit
Condition of Premises
Terms and Conditions of Agreement
Residential Living Standards
Dispute Resolution Processes
Student Obligations
Repairs and Maintenance
Liability of Landlord
Delayed Possession
Termination of University Contract
Firearms, Weapons, Fireworks, and Explosives
Peaceful Possession and Exercise of Rights
Right of Privacy and Inspection
Transfer of Students
Termination before Commencement of Tenancy
Termination by Student or Automatic Termination
Termination by Landlord
Landlord Addendum
Communication with Property Manager or Owner
Late Rent
Certification of Student Status

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